April 13th, 2009

Pakistan Association Japan

As a community organization, Pakistan Association Japan established during 1960s. In August 2006 we held elections all over Japan in which about 4,000 Pakistanis voted to elect all central and regional office-bearers for the tenure of August 2006 to August 2008. The Association continuing under the democratically elected leadership of Mr. Shahzad Ali Behlum, the President and Mr. Malik Liaqat Ali, the Senior Vice President. Elected Executives and regional body is working in more than 20 prefectures across Japan. All our Central and Regional elected office-bearers have since been sacrificing their time and funds for the welfare, unity and organization of the community.

Pakistan embassy namely his excellency Ambassador Kamran Niaz has been fully cooperating and encouraging. With the good offices of the Association and due to its coordination in between, all Pakistanis are getting their problem solved. Since we are well-organized now and able to convey our problems and difficulties to the relevant authorities concerned, Pakistan nationals are getting good services from all three Pakistani institutions in Japan. The Association is therefore getting good cooperation from Pakistan embassy, Pakistan International Airlines and the National Bank of Pakistan.
Our Association head office is situated near JR Gotanda station in central Tokyo at a distance of about 3-minute walk from the station, where full-time Director Administration is always available for the service of the community and to maintain a strong secretariat for the day-to-day smooth running.

Almost all and well-respected senior Pakistanis in Japan like Mr. Hussain Khan, Mr. Raees Siddiqi, Mr. Abdur Rahman Siddiqi, Shaikh Kaiser Mehmood, Syed Matloob Ali, Abdul Rab Shaji and many others are our Advisors and fully cooperating with us in all our activities. We are running our Association under their good advice, guidance and long experience of living in Japan for the welfare of Pakistani residents here. You can see the names of other senior advisors in different parts of Japan below. We have also elected Regional Presidents and Secretaries from almost all Prefectures of Japan, whose details are also given below.

Activities from August 2006 to August 2007

In the re-shuffled set-up, we have revised the old constitution and passed a new amended charter.
We have created an Advisory Council of senior Pakistani nationals to take advantage of their long experience of living in Japan.

This new Constitution was adopted in a meeting of 384 Pakistanis who had gathered from all over Japan in Tochigi city on June 24, 2007 for the re-shuffling of the Association. Now the Constitution has been made more democratic by putting a limit of 2-year term only for President. He cannot be re-elected without a gap of 2 years.

We have already invited some well-respected guests from Pakistan. Pakistan Federal Minister for Labor, Man Power and Overseas Pakistanis Mr. Ghulam Sarwar Khan in May 2007 and ex-Mayor of Karachi, the largest and most populous city in Pakistan, Mr. Naimatullah Khan have visited Japan on our invitation in March 2007 and addressed some large gatherings of Pakistanis in Tokyo, Nagoya, Tochigi, Toyama and other cities. We have invited some honorable and eminent personality for the Independence Day celebrations this year as well on August 12 in Tochigi, who will also address gatherings of Pakistanis in Niigata, Nagoya, Toyama and Tokyo etc.

We have also collected 2 million Yen for the victims of flood and earthquake in Pakistan and our two office-bearers have taken one million each separately to donate to proper authorities in Pakistan personally. Moreover, our Nagoya branch collected about 700,000 Yen and Saitama Higashi branch collected Yen 980,000 for the help of a Japanese Muslim lady under treatment for cancer in hospital. A feeling of helping each other in a foreign land like Japan in times of difficulty and adversity is developing in the community. Our volunteers visited Niigata prefecture after earthquake in March and July this year and offered their volunteer support to the victims of devastated earthquake.

Future Plan

Early this year, Pakistan Association Japan`s delegation participated in an overseas Pakistanis investment conference organized by the government of Pakistan in Islamabad. We offered a plan to create a used car market in Pakistan as most of the Pakistanis in Japan are doing this business.

For developing a Pakistani School in Japan our Association is cooperating fully with the preparatory School committee under the Chairmanship of Mr. Aqeel Siddiqi of Japan Islamic Trust, which was formed after a seminar held by UrduNet, the famous urdu news web-site, in Foreign Correspondents Club in Yuraku-cho, Tokyo on the problems of Pakistan nationals in Japan. All the speakers had emphasized the need for a school for Pakistani children. All our regional office-bearers are now collecting data after downloading the Form from the Urdunet. This was the request from the school committee to decide the location for the proposed school. In the seminar held by the UrduNet our Association`s President Shahzad Ali Behlum also announced that he will contribute $100,000 for such a Pakistani school.

We are also considering a mutual visit program for intellectual of Japan and Pakistan as there are strong sentiments among each representative of our Association for the development of warm relation between people of Japan and the Pakistan.

  1. Jaffri Syed Irfan Raza
    May 6th, 2009 at 14:25 | #1

    I am student in Ashikaga Community College. I have been living in Japan for five months in Gunma-Ken, Isesaki-shi.
    I reveiwed your website and have glad to see such a great acheivement from your assiciation. I pray to Almighty Allah to make your plans and goals fullfilled for Pakistani people. Must succeed in future.
    It is my humble request to you for thinking about Pakistani students who are currently studying in Japan. For example to support them by introducing some sorts of part time jobs.
    I also aim for good future for Pakistani.
    May God keep you helping like ever.
    If you want any sort of help from me please do not hesitate to contact me.
    Remember me in your prays.
    Allah Hafiz.
    Syed Irfan Raza Jaffri
    Mobile: 090-856-77939

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